What is the Cherry Tree Club?
The Cherry Tree Club is a preschool serving homeless and at-risk children in Mercer County, New Jersey.   Every weekday, our bus transports children from shelters, temporary housing and motels and brings them to our preschool.  Here, a child can learn and grow regardless of their family's ability to access or afford quality early childhood education.

The Cherry Tree Club wants to ensure that the joy and magic of childhood is not lost to homeless children.  More specifically, The Cherry Tree Club aims to provide a loving and nurturing environment that allows the children to thrive and grow emotionally, socially, physically and cognitively.

Mission of The Cherry Tree Club:  “To provide a loving and nurturing environment that allowsthe children to thrive and grow emotionally, socially and academically.  It is hoped that children will demonstrate positive development in psychological and cognitive realms, as well as improvement in academic knowledge and skills and school readiness.”

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